About us

The Natzweiler prisoners' database is a joint project of all Natzweiler memorial sites on the German and French side, which has been developed over many years. It is financed by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces (ONACVG), the German Federal Government and the State of Baden-Württemberg. Based on decades of research by renowned historian Dr. Robert Steegmann (erem. Prof. of the University of Strasbourg) and editor of the fundamental work "Struthof", the volunteers of the Natzweiler memorials have continued their research, contacted former prisoners, searched the archives and collected data - on paper lists, in Excel files or in collected printouts - until today and beyond. A steering group of historians from Germany and France - together with a computer scientist - was set up to coordinate this large-scale project, which is mainly voluntary. The database is aimed at the families of former victims as well as at teachers and researchers.